RISD Students Put Posters in Action

Designers: Students in the Bachelor of Graphic Design Studio at Rhode Island School of Design taught by Nancy Skolos. Students are: Selma-Rachel Swire, Yujie Ji, Gloria Chung, Elissa Park, Kristen Biddison, Marcos Ojeda, Diego Gutierrez, Ryan Arruda, Robin Tafel and Alice Zhang.

About the design: Students in Skolos’ studio were challenged not only to come up with great Green Patriot designs (which they did by the dozens), but also to get their ideas out of the classroom and into the world. Working in pairs or individually the students developed and implemented campaigns. The results were phenomenally creative and impactful.

"The sponsored research studio collaboration with Ed Morris and his Green Patriot project had a rare energy and a life of its own almost from day one. I have never worked with students that have been more enthusiastic about a topic and who have generated so much amazing work. Learning about climate change and considering how to communicate its urgency has been a very meaningful experience and one I will never forget in my teaching." - Nancy Skolos

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