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Designers: Shepard Fairey, Mathilde Fallot, Jason Hardy, Emily Shellenger

About the design: To help promote energy independence and the fight against climate  change, LoudSauce.com ran a campaign to raise $3200 for the Green Patriot Posters to be displayed on bus shelters throughout San Francisco. Created by The Canary Project and featured in its book, the posters targeted an estimated 6,000 people, encouraging them to participate in the Global Climate Day of Action on Dec. 4 and to take action in building a sustainable economy.

"The Green Patriot Posters project was the first test crowdfunded ad campaign via LoudSauce. I was so excited to discover the project and use our new platform to help amplify these inspirational and important posters out beyond the Internet onto the streets of San Francisco. There was meaningful buzz generated both online and offline, and seeing how excited funders were to see their faces on the Green Patriot Posters has been extremely valuable to the evolution of our model." - Colin Mutchler

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