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McCormack Middle School Kids Become Green Patriots

Designers: The Canary Project with Erin Pugilese and Michele Konar

About the design: During the spring semester 2009, The Canary Project teamed up with Citizen Schools to teach kids about climate change and engage them in a public art campaign. This billboard is the result.

Ed Morris, founder of The Canary Project and Green Patriot Posters, and renowned street artist Roger Cummings of Juxtaposition Arts, worked with students at the McCormack School in Dorchester, MA. The students spent the first half of the semester learning about climate change -- its causes, impacts and solutions. The students then processed what they learned by designing sneakers that gave voice to their concerns and urged others to reduce their carbon footprint. We designed this billboard to let others know that kids are involved. The billsboard serves as an example of how everyone, especially kids, can have a strong, positive voice in creating a sustainable future.

"Working with the students has been extremely inspiring. Through the billboard, we are not only engaging students in learning about climate change and their carbon footprint, but helping to give them a loud and powerful voice in the fight against climate change. This is about empowerment and education as much as climate change." - Ed Morris

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