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US Chamber Campaign

Artists: TBD

Partners: 350.org

About the project: We are working with 350.org to make compelling designs that support their US Chamber Doesn't Speak for Me campaign. Why the US Chamber? In a nutshell because it is not at all what you think it is. It does not represent small businesses as it falsely claims. Instead it is the largest lobbying group in the US. The Chamber represents paying customers such as big oil and insurance companies. In the 2010 midterm elections it spent $32 million and 94% of that went to candidates who outright deny climate science. The bottom line of the 350 project is to get businesses and local chambers of commerce to defect from the US Chamber or to make strong public statements criticizing their policy on climate and energy. We are helping make that case visually.

The campaign is specifically targeting the US Chamber and its efforts to steer the climate debate in the house and senate. The US Chamber often dictates the policies of the state chambers even when it is contrary to the economics of that state. Accordingly, we are interested in posters that do one of two things:

  1. Attack the US Chamber's position on climate/the environment, particularly as being anti-American, or anti-prosperity
  2. Promote a sustainable economy in a given state.

We are offering cash prizes for the best posters from each state. We are shooting to get 50 posters from all 50 states.

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