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Green Patriot Poster Camp (LA)

Designers: Instructors Tara DePorte and Steve Harrington and students Rosalind, Piedrasanta, Angelina Montes, Joselyn Palacios, Stephanie Melara, Shifarah Villanueva, Kevin Portillo, Maria Najar, Kevin Zelada, Angel Casteneda, Gabriela Gonzalez, Jennifer Donis-Gonzalez, Johana Romero, Nestor Brizuela, Olivia Midby, Serady Merghani, Gabriela Vasquez, Miguel Velasco

About the design: In partnership with Make Something and Human Impacts Institute, Green Patriot Posters Camp (LA) gave eighteen teens the chance to learn about cities and sustainability. Inside SPACE 15 TWENTY, the sixth to twelfth graders designed posters encouraging citizens to participate in building a sustainable economy. They also learned how to create campaigns to propel their posters and messages out into the world. Part of an ongoing series of student workshops. Get in touch if you are interested in hosting/organizing.

"It was very exciting to co-develop and lead the Green Patriot Posters Camps with the Canary Project. The camps provided opportunities for youth to become intensively immersed in developing  creative outreach materials about environmental issues. Partnering with local artists and other groups really enabled the students to both relate global issues to their communities and to engage fellow community members in promoting healthy communities." - Tara DePorte

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