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We selected 50 posters submitted to this site and/or solicited from designers we like and respect and put them in this book. One hundred percent of royalties from the book go to The Canary Project (which is producing Green Patriot Posters). So buy it! And have your friends buy it! And help us do more cool, culture-changing stuff. It wasn't easy selecting the images, particularly when we could only choose 50, but we looked for a good mix of posters that hit the registers of Hope, Solidarity, Anger, Urgency and the Feeling That You Can Make a Difference.

Cover art by Shephard Fairey
Essays from the editors, Steve Heller and Thomas L. Friedman
Fifty detachable posters
Fifty detachable posters
Ready to hang

Hopefully we will get to do a second version. And also note that many of the posters that did not make it into the book have been used for other purposes all around the world See Campaigns.

We made two big decisions with the book: 1) make the posters in it detachable so they are ready to hang!; 2) print it domestically and sustainably. We had great help in the sustainable printing department from Monroe Litho, Mohawk Fine Papers, Metropolis Books and The back of the book is its own poster testifying to all that we saved by printing the book the way we did.